At Genmac International Holdings, we align technical expertise with local knowledge to deliver cost effective, practical and sustainable project outcomes and have developed and refined a core service offering to best serve our client needs.



Genmac is a Multi-disciplined manufacturing and construction company committed to implementing and maintaining systems to ensure a safe, on time, within budget, quality service to all it’s stakeholders.

We operate from 3 Workshops in Alton, Richards Bay covering the following disciplines all according to ISO 9001:

General Structural Steelwork
Materials Handling systems
Crane Booms
Pressure vessels and tanks
Precision machining
Industrial Blasting and painting

Our Fabrication Capacity is 200-250 ton per month, pending design complexity.
We have 7m of clearance under our overhead crane hooks for fabricating larger vessels.

Genmac internation Holdings


Computer numerical control milling (CNC milling) is a precision method for the machining of precision component parts. Typically, the basic geometry of parts, which are fabricated using milling equipment, are rectangular in shape. Using coordinates and codes “post processed” with the aid of MasterCam software, code is generated to provide optimum tool sequences, optimal tool paths and cutting conditions which specifically relates to the relationship between cutter RPM and axis feed rate. In basic terms, a good CAD/CAM package in the hands of an experienced programmer allows them to virtually see the process. Cycle times are established in the design stage and fixturing is designed using CAD/CAM. Our goal is always to present the set-up person with a proven and optimized machining process prior to set-up. This saves valuable time reducing cost while maximizing throughout day one. GVG Engineering takes great care to utilize the full capability of state-of-the-art part fixturing, tooling and CAD/CAM software to precisely and cost-effectively machine complex parts on-time. Our CNC Milling equipment is also programmed and tooled to remove sharp edges and provide burr free precision parts right off the machine.

Providing Turn-Key parts and assemblies managing plating, painting, heat treating, screening and marking
Experts in Aluminum, Steel, Alloy Steel, Brass and Stainless Steel
State-of-the-art part fixturing, tooling & CAD/CAM software allow for cost effective & on-time parts


GIH Industries is 100% focus on high-quality lubricants and related specialties in the following sectors:




Heavy duty trucks



and many more


All product requirements, from OEM approved lubricants through to coolants, greases and cleaners

Local Manufacture: 95% of products sold are made in South Africa, improving availability and lead times

Responsibility: Strong account support – 30 service technicians, technical support team, product managers, R&D and laboratory teams

Reactive: Industry leading delivery performance, flexible solutions and high stock availability


MARINE SOLUTIONS: Fibre glass services for Yachts and Ski Boats. GIH is committed to give back to local clubs by hosting weekly races and allowing skippers to improve their skills. GIH is passionate about improving the quality of local clubs.

AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS: GIH automotive solutions provides customers with high quality high performance valet, motor tuning and steam cleaning.

Genmac internation Holdings